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Franchise System Setup Greyson Legal

If you are a business owner or have created a new product or service concept and are looking at ways to grow that business or develop the concept, Greyson Legal can assist you to use franchising as a strategy.
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Trade Mark Registration HEATHFIELD GROSVENOR

Register your trade mark
$350 Fixed incl. GST

Non Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement HEATHFIELD GROSVENOR

Used to ensure your valuable information is kept confidential and to provide you with strong remedies in the event of disclosure.
$550 Fixed incl. GST
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Resolving Tax Disputes, Negotiating Settlements, Tax Litigation Mathews Tax Lawyers

No one likes to end up in court. But sometimes, there is no alternative. Over many years, our team of experienced tax litigators have acted both for and against the ATO in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and the Federal Court of Australia. We can represent you in the AAT or Court at all stages of the litigation process. We can assist you with: • alternative dispute resolution • advice on the appropriate forum • advice on and collation and preparation of evidence • preparing submissions and legal arguments • litigation strategy • briefing and instructing barristers
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Objecting To Ato Decisions Mathews Tax Lawyers

Preparing an objection to a tax, GST or penalty assessment or some other ATO decision is not easy. The consequences of getting it wrong can severely compromise your legal position and might limit the arguments that are available to you. Our tax lawyers have worked at the ATO where they determined tax objections. They know: • which arguments are more likely to be accepted and which are likely to fail • the evidence required to satisfy the “burden of proof” that taxpayers face • how to craft a persuasive and correct legal argument to maximise your chances of receiving the correct decision in relation to your tax dispute
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