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Increase visibility, reputation and brand loyalty for your legal practice with LawAdvisor

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The future of legal practice, today

LawAdvisor provides your firm with all the latest cloud-based practice management and communication technology to increase efficiency and maximise the value you provide to your clients.

Bank-level Security

LawAdvisor uses advanced bank grade security to ensure your files are completely secure. All confidential information stored on LawAdvisor is encrypted to ensure complete privacy.

Transparent Time Tracking

Track your time against tasks and case milestones, and receive consistent feedback to ensure your team is on track. With real-time updates, each member of your legal team (and your clients if desired) will know how much time has been recorded against a case, and know how much

Connect with your clients with realtime video calls

Enjoy face-to-face meetings with your clients without having to leave your office, wherever and whatever (home, hotel, café) your current office may be.

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Work Together

You can quickly invite people involved in the case (clients, colleagues, barristers, expert witnesses, researchers and legal support staff) to view, download, communicate and collaborate on all the files relevant to the case. Spend less time with emails and attachments, and devote your time to productive work.

Edit the same document > chat & comment > electronic signatures > billing and time recording

Pay with a click

Accepting payments from your clients is now simpler than ever. LawAdvisor has in-built features that help lawyers get paid by their clients, whether it's for fees, retainers or advanced payments.

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LawAdvisor will do more for law, than what Xero has done for Accounting

Bruce Dungey, Former Partner, Deloitte Private