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The Rising Demand for Legal Services

People are looking for your help online

A 2012 survey on legal need in Australia found that over 8.5 million people experience at least one legal problem each year. Right now, one in five of these people are turning to the internet to find legal help. This number will only increase.

- 2012 Legal Needs Survey

Searching for Lawyers

Why you should care about your internet presence

25,000 monthly searches for lawyers in Australia
- Google Analytics (2014 - 2015)

People are searching for your help

25,000+ monthly searches for lawyers in Australia
22,000+ monthly searches for conveyancing and property law
20,000+ monthly searches for consumer affairs
18,000+ monthly searches for family and divorce law
10,000+ monthly searches for unfair dismissal and employee rights
8,000+ monthly searches for building and construction law
6,000+ monthly searches for small business law
6,000+ monthly searches for wills and estates law
3,000+ monthly searches for personal injury and compensation law
3,000+ monthly searches for criminal law
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Virtual Practice

LawAdvisor allows you to easily build and maintain a virtual practice to complement your existing practice. It will connect you with people wanting legal advice and who are searching for a lawyer with your particular expertise. Work with your clients anytime, anywhere with LawAdvisor's built-in Case Management tools.

Connect with Top Legal Minds

Increasing collective knowledge

Easily connect with your peers and read how some of the nation’s best lawyers answer legal questions. Our professional networking service allows you to work together with your peers and colleagues to better understand the law.

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Through our advanced location based mapping technology, clients from all over Australia can connect with appropriate licensed practitioners.

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