Personal Injury

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Personal Injury

Personal injury law deals with any physical or psychological harm or injury caused to a person by someone else, such as when out in public, in a car accident or during employment. The term 'injury' may mean different things in different contexts. It may include pre-natal injury, physical injury, psychological injury, psychiatric injury, acceleration of an injury, recurrence of an injury or other forms of disease.  If you have been injured, you may have the right to claim compensation in certain circumstances. The purpose of compensation is to ensure that a person who has suffered injury through no fault of their own, is compensated for their loss of income and/or medical expenses. 

The context in which injury is sustained is important to the type of compensation claim a person may make. This is because there are different laws covering harm caused in different situations. These include:
- work injuries;
- injuries from motor vehicle accidents;
- injuries suffered by victims of crime;
- other personal injuries.

It is important to seek legal advice in order to determine if the injury you suffer is a significant injury, and one that you are able to claim compensation for.

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