LawAdvisor APP Privacy Policy 2015

  1. Application of this Privacy Policy

    This document is LawAdvisor’s privacy policy which describes the way in which LawAdvisor collects, handles and uses personal information. This policy applies to LawAdvisor’s users, potential users and shareholders, and any other persons who LawAdvisor collects personal information from.

    LawAdvisor takes privacy seriously, and this policy has been developed in accordance with the requirements set out in the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

    A copy of this policy can be downloaded in PDF form from below. By using the LawAdvisor website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this privacy policy. Please note that this policy does not extend your rights or LawAdvisor’s obligations beyond those expressed in the legislation above.

    If you have any questions which are not addressed in this policy, please feel free to contact us through the channels provided in “Privacy complaints and enquiries” at the end of this policy.

  2. Collection and use of personal information

    “Personal information” means information we hold about you from which your identity can be reasonably determined. Protecting your privacy when holding this information is very important to us.

    1. What types of personal information do we collect?

      LawAdvisor will only collect information from you which is necessary to provide our services to you, and to carry out internal administrative functions. This information may include (but is not limited to) the following

      • Full name
      • Address
      • Date of birth;
      • Sex;
      • Contact details;
      • Citizenship status;
      • Any other personal information which is relevant to your
      • legal problem.

      Personal information may also include “sensitive information”. Sensitive information includes information relating to your specific legal problem, such as an opinion, criminal record, health information, or racial or ethnic origin. This information will not be collected by LawAdvisor unless you consent to providing it to us and it is reasonably necessary in order for us to provide you our service.

    2. How does LawAdvisor collect your information?

      LawAdvisor will only collect personal information if it is reasonably necessary for us to provide you our services. LawAdvisor will collect your personal information direction from you when it is reasonably practicable. We will gather this information when you register for an account with LawAdvisor, or when you ask a legal question through LawAdvisor.

      In addition to this, LawAdvisor may also collect your personal information from external sources. This may include:

      • Parents or guardians in respect of their children or charges;
      • Other people authorised by you such as lawyers or accountants
      • Public sources of information.

      In the event that LawAdvisor collects your personal information without your knowledge from another entity LawAdvisor will notify you of this.

    3. Why do we collect your personal information?

      LawAdvisor seeks to offer lawyers and clients a better way to find each other and/or do business. Because LawAdvisor is also a platform that allows people to get answers to simple legal questions, it is necessary that we collect, manage and use your personal information so we can provide you with this service. LawAdvisor provides certain important personal information relating to you to your lawyer so that they are able to accurately assess your situation and provide you with adequate services.

      We also hold personal information about our shareholders. This is used to fulfil our legal obligations and to keep our shareholders informed of LawAdvisor’s business performance and the services we are providing.

    4. Can you remain anonymous when using LawAdvisor?

      In some situations you may whish to remain anonymous or to register and interact with us under a pseudonym. This is entirely lawful in most circumstances, and LawAdvisor will endeavour to assist you as best we can if you chose to do so.

  3. Disclosure, use and sharing of personal information

    LawAdvisor will only use personal information provided to us for a purpose it has been provided, and consistent with the provision of services to you.

    1. Who does LawAdvisor share your information with?

      LawAdvisor will not share your personal information with another organisation unless:

      • You give us express consent to do so;
      • Such sharing is otherwise permitted or required by law; or
      • It is necessary on a temporary basis to enable specialist IT support or administration of certain functions.

      When LawAdvisor provides your personal information to other organisations (such as IT maintenance companies) we require those companies to agree to protect your information as carefully as we do. Strict legal contractual measures are taken to ensure this.

      LawAdvisor will share your personal information with our subsidiary companies only if the purpose of sharing is related to providing you with the service you require or it relates to the original purpose for which the information was collected. If this happens to be an overseas subsidiary of LawAdvisor, your personal information will only be transferred in strict compliance with all applicable Australian data protection and privacy laws.

    2. How long does lawAdvisor keep your personal information?

      LawAdvisor may be required to hold your personal information for a significant period of time. However, once LawAdvisor no longer needs your information we will remove any identifying details or destroy your records entirely.

  4. Protection of your personal information

    LawAdvisor considers the security of your personal information to be a top priority. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information is properly protected from misuse, loss and unauthorised access.

    LawAdvisor employs appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedures to ensure the protection of your personal information. In addition, LawAdvisor complies with Information Security Standards and statutory obligations concerning data protection. We also regularly conduct internal and external audits of our security systems to ensure their strength and integrity.

  5. Accessing and updating your personal information

    You have the right to request that LawAdvisor provides you with access to your personal information promptly. You also have the right to request that LawAdvisor update certain personal information if it has become out of date. To seek access to or correction of your personal information please contact LawAdvisor through the channels provided in “Privacy complaints and enquiries” at the end of this policy.

  6. Privacy complaints and enquiries

    LawAdvisor is happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have regarding the privacy of your personal information.

    LawAdvisor is also committed to working with its users to achieve a fair resolution to any complaint or concern about privacy. We will respond to every enquiry or complaint within 30 days.

    To contact us with a complaint or concern, you can:

    • Write to us at: LawAdvisor Pty Ltd, 611 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000.
    • Email us at:

If you still have concerns further assistance may be available from:

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

1300 363 992