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We believe everyone deserves to understand, protect and enforce their legal rights

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To provide legal help to anyone. Anytime, anywhere.

LawAdvisor helps everyone understand, protect and enforce their legal rights by connecting people with top lawyers and their trusted advice.

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With LawAdvisor you can learn about the law and get practical and trustworthy advice when you need it most. No more scouring the internet for information that may or may not be reliable, or trying to make sense of complex legal jargon, rules and legislation by yourself.

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Understand, protect and enforce your legal rights

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Legal knowledge is trapped in the minds of lawyers, or buried in books and legislation that only lawyers can understand. LawAdvisor is changing this by connecting everyday people with expert and easy to understand advice.

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LawAdvisor makes it easy to protect and enforce your legal rights. Receive no obligation fee estimates from lawyers with the right expertise to help you with the legal process and to help you achieve a positive outcome.

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I love how LawAdvisor has made it so easy to ask legal questions. I used to be so scared to deal with anything involving the law (particularly lawyers). Through LawAdvisor, I’m now more confident about my legal rights and feel at ease about hiring a lawyer to help me with all my legal needs.

Alexander C. LawAdvisor Member