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Immigration & Migration

Immigration regulates the entry of non-citizens into Australia. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection deals with all Australian immigration issues and provides non-citizens entering Australia with visas. Visas are permits that can allow a non-citizen to have either a temporary stay for a proscribed time, or a permanent stay in Australia. A visa may be granted for entry into Australia for a range of reasons. Certain requirements must be fulfilled depending on the type of visa required. Visa types include:

- tourist visitor visa;
- business visitor visa;
- temporary visas;
- permanent entry visa;
- resident return visa.

Temporary residence is another form of permit issued for non-citizens. Temporary residence is the entry for specified short or long term periods to engage in employment or other pursuits in Australia. This may include skilled workers, entertainers, sports people and young people on working holidays. 

Australia's immigration regulations are fairly stringent, and so it is important that you seek legal advice if you believe you may have overstayed your visa, or contravened any of Australia's immigration laws.

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