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Building & Construction Law

Construction and building projects involve a wide range of legal areas. Many different legal issues can arise in the course of a project: the terms a construction contract should include, insurance arrangements, environment and planning consequences as well as the employment of employees and contractors. There will, of course, be times when there are disputes and disagreements that require legal advice and assistance to navigate and resolve.

The nature of building projects is complex, and they involve the cooperation of many different parties. These includes, but are not limited to: 

- the client who commissions and funds the project;
- architects and engineers working together to create designs and a construction plan;
- builders working with architects and engineers to carry out the designs;
- sub-contractors and specialists working under the builder’s instructions;
- building material suppliers who may not always deliver on time;
- project managers;
- planning authorities which who’s procedures and approvals must be gained;
- and other parties such as residents’ groups or neighbours who may not be happy about the development. 

Each of these parties’ relationships are governed by codes of conduct, legal contracts or employment contracts. With so many players working together, mistakes, disagreements and unforseen issues are common. 

Because of the nature and complexity of building projects (often the complexity of resulting disputes) it is important to consider seeking legal advice early in the building process. This will ensure that all contracts and arrangement have been created properly to account for legal and material risks associated with the project.

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