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The criminal law seeks to determine who is responsible for crimes, and then punish those people for their criminal behaviour. It differs from state to state in Australia and covers a wide range of behaviour. Most people will come in contact with criminal law at some times in their lives, and not necessarily because they have committed an offence. The criminal law does more than just address the commission of both serious and non-serious offences. It also provides redress for those who have been victims of crime. You come in contact with the criminal law system if you are required to appear in Court as a witness to a crime, give evidence, or had to deal with police or security officers at any time. 

If you are accused or charged with an offence, or you have been requested to appear in court, legal advice will aid you in understanding your rights and obligations. A lawyer can also help you deal with police or the courts, assisting you navigate the process, prepare documents, and put your case to the Court.

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