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Single Person Advanced Estate Planning Package For Western Australia Tan & Tan Lawyers

This package is suitable for people who have one or more of these: assets in their own name or jointly with others, assets held in a family trust, a blended family, self-managed super fund or business in ownership with third parties. The will with testamentary trusts is suitable for clients who are seeking a long term approach to protecting their assets, tax effectiveness and avoiding disputes upon death. The will can also protect the client’s bequest from creditors of their beneficiaries. The will is useful in circumstances where the client wants to provide for their spouse but are concerned that they may remarry and divert the family assets to the new family. This package includes: * Advanced Will with Testamentary Trusts * Enduring Power of Attorney * Enduring Power of Guardianship
$1,190 Fixed incl. GST
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Permanent Residency Application Lawyers and Legal Services Sydney Pty Limited

All types of Permanent Residency Applications except for Business Visas
$4,000 Fixed incl. GST
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#Website Essentials #CorporateAdvice

This package contains everything your new website needs to satisfy its legal obligations. Click "Request this Package" for more info and a free consultation.
$700 Fixed incl. GST

Trade Mark Registration HEATHFIELD GROSVENOR

Register your trade mark
$350 Fixed incl. GST

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