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Stewart Levitt

Principal Solicitor & Advocate at Levitt Robinson Solicitors

36 years PQE
New South Wales, Australia


Stewart is the Principal of Levitt Robinson Solicitors. Arguably one of the most successful lawyers in Australia, Stewart has had wide legal experience, strategising and managing litigation in Australia, as well as internationally in the US, South Africa and Papua New Guinea.

He is known as one of Australia’s leading practitioners in securities class actions and banking/finance and insolvency litigation, having instigated and conducted the Storm Financial litigation against major banks. He is not only an industry leader but a prominent public commentator and person of influence, having effectively campaigned for policy reforms, as the author of comprehensive submissions to Federal parliamentary enquiries on institutional and regulatory failures during the GFC (2009), and on the role of ASIC (2013).

Acting for company directors and private businessmen, in board, partnership and joint venture disputes, drafting complex contracts focused on the mining industry, and frequently appearing in criminal and commercial courts, Stewart is not only a versatile lawyer but also a tenacious and skilful litigator, with exceptional tactical and advocacy skills.

He has appeared both with and without Counsel in the High Court of Australia and has acted as agent for firms in Israel and Asia and briefly, as speechwriter for a serving President of the Republic of Nauru.

Stewart has acted as legal counsel for several European consular legations in Sydney. He has also written speeches for significant Australian and foreign politicians and media releases for significant individuals and corporations.

In June 2012, he successfully completed the Harvard Law School ‘Program on Negotiation’ courses in “Mediation of Disputes” and “Advanced Negotiation – Dealing with Difficult Conversations” and is available as a mediator, as an ADR practitioner (bypassing or settling litigation) and as a collaborative lawyer. (If you want to use another lawyer to litigate, he is prepared to provide parallel representation to negotiate on your behalf with your opponents.) In 2013, he completed the LEADR Course on Mediation and in 2015, will be conferred with the degree of Master of Alternate Dispute Resolution at UTS, where he scored a distinction average.

Stewart represented indigenous leader, Lex Wotton, at his trial in connection with the 2004 Palm Island Riot and on Wotton’s challenge to the constitutionality of Queensland Corrective Services legislation in the High Court, as well as currently, in Class Action Litigation against the State of Queensland.

Stewart has successfully undertaken Land & Environment Court Appeals and Human Rights cases, and has acted in many pro bono matters, particularly for indigenous people seeking justice from the criminal law, in northern Australia.

Stewart was the instigator of, and is the chief spokesman for, the Black and White Justice Foundation Limited (formerly, the Errol Wyles Justice Foundation Limited). He has consulted to film-makers on the production of documentaries on social justice issues close to his heart.

Practice Areas

    • Disputing decisions of an administrative body or organisation
    • Disputing decision of Government Agency
    • Negotiation of disputes
    • Mediation of disputes
    • Conciliation of disputes
    • Arbitration of disputes
    • Expert Determination
    • Enforcement of orders
    • Commercial/business
    • Individual
    • Debt collection
    • Construction Contracts
    • Dispute Avoidance
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Arbitration
    • Litigation
    • Challenging a fine in Court
    • Advocacy
    • Personal rights
    • Challenging Government Action
    • Company formation
    • Company constitution
    • Company management
    • Limited liability
    • Shareholder rights
    • Common offences
    • Company reporting and disclosure obligations
    • ASIC
    • ASX listing
    • Corporate finance
    • Company liability for offences
    • Insider trading
    • Winding up
    • Sex crimes
    • Fraud
    • Environmental crimes
    • Corruption
    • Help appearing in court
    • Serious (indictable) offences
    • Summary (Non indictable) offences
    • Prison
    • Frozen assets
    • Victims of crime compensation
    • Police and security officers
    • Cyber defamation
    • General defamation
    • Workplace defamatio
    • Federal environmental approvals
    • State environmental approvals
    • Contaminated land
    • Family court
    • Marriage legal rights
    • Pre-nuptual agreements
    • Apply for a divorce
    • Child custody, contact and visitation
    • Child support and maintanance
    • Child rights and representation
    • Childrens' Court
    • Guardianship
    • Parenting orders
    • Child protection
    • Foster care and adoption
    • DHS and social services
    • Same sex relationships
    • Domestic violence
    • Family Violence Intervention Orders
    • Apprehended Violence Orders
    • Surrogacy
    • Financial services regulation
    • Insurance
    • Superannuation / funds management
    • ASIC and its role
    • Disability
    • Seniors
    • LGBTI
    • Indigenous people
    • Children and youth
    • Visitor offences
    • Application for perminant residency
    • Skilled migrant visas
    • Deportation
    • Refugees and asylum seekers
    • Lawyer and client confidentiality
    • Complaints against a lawyer
    • Fees and charges
    • Formation and dissolution
    • Financial liability
    • Forming contracts
    • Breach of contract
    • Consumer contracts
    • Unfair contract terms
    • Misleading and deceptive conducts
    • Contract entitlement & review
    • Conveyancing
    • Ownership and land rights
    • Caveats and restrictive covenants registrations, removals and review
    • Preparation or Review of a Contract of Sale
    • Purchase and settlement
    • Mortages & Guarantees
    • Strata titles and schemes
    • Fencing and boundary disputes
    • Neighbour disputes
    • Planning schemes
    • Planning permits
    • European and Aboriginal cultural heritage
    • Legal structures
    • Client relations
    • Commercial leasing
    • Business contracts
    • Dispute types
    • Costs
    • Enforcement
    • Legal structures
    • Company incorporation
    • Fundraising
    • Founder and Shareholder Agreements
    • Trademarks
    • Intellectual Property Protection & NDAs
    • Supplier Contracts & Employees
    • Employees
    • Trust
    • Trustee duties
    • Trust deed
    • Charitable trusts
    • Creating or amending a will
    • Power of Attorney
    • Death intestate
    • Executor duties
    • Probate
    • Wills & estates disputes
    • Unfair dismissal
    • Income disputes
    • Enforce employee rights and entitlements
    • Industrial relations and disputes
    • Workplace bullying and harassment




Lv 6, 162 Goulburn Street, East Sydney NSW 2010, Australia

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Practising Certificate

Admission to Practice, 1979


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