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Workplace & Employment

Workplace and employment law balances the rights of people who are employed in Australia with those of employers.  It protects such things as workers' minimum workplace entitlements such as pay, annual leave, parental leave and other entitlements. It also concerns rights and obligations of employers and employees such as workplace discrimination and bullying, enterprise bargaining and industrial action. 

Workplace and employment law is relevant to you if you are employed by someone or if you run a business and employ others. There are many stringent obligations placed on employers by law for how employees are treated and the entitlements they are given. Therefore, businesses looking to bring on a new employee will need to consider how to negotiate awards, minimum pay, leave entitlements, record keeping and dismissal issues. Questions may arise for employers during situations of conflict with employees, or between employees, and in cases where they wish to terminate employment. Other issues may arise with leave entitlements, such as parental or long service leave. As an employee it is also important to know your rights: your minimum pay and leave entitlements, your right to negotiate your wages, and your right to reasonable working hours and regular breaks. Other issues covered by workplace and employment law include workplace bullying and discrimination.

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