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Keith Spencer

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31 years PQE
New South Wales, Australia


Our focus is documenting your estate planning and succession wishes. We work with financial planners, advisors and accountants to ensure your loved ones obtain maximum benefit from your estate, including wills incorporating testamentary trusts and asset protection for your beneficiaries incl vulnerable beneficiaries.
Enduring guardianship appointments ("Living Wills"), Advanced Care Directives, Enduring Powers of Attorney are a vital corollary as is testamentary capacity
Defending and prosecuting claims against estates for people who have been left out of a will. ("Family Provisions claims") What are your rights?
Intestate estates. What do you do, what are your rights?
Administration of estates. What are the duties of an executor or trustee? Are you an executor, administrator or trustee of an estate? Is an estate being property administered? Are you being criticised or attacked?
Financial Management orders incl abuse of elders, abuse of trust, stealing from elders and the incapacitated. How do you protect them?
Finally, elder care and accomodation, nursing homes, nursing home bonds and retirement village contracts
If you have questions or concerns with any of these issues, contact us for practical professional advice.

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Suite 701, Level 7, 31 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000

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Admission to Practice, 1984


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