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Anthony Marinac

Barrister at law at Level 27 Chambers

4 years PQE
Queensland, Australia


I have recently commenced practice as a Barrister in Brisbane, as the most recent chapter in a varied career in the law, the armed forces, and public administration.

I practice at Level 27 Chambers in Brisbane, a leading commercial set of barristers' chambers that combines experience and expertise across a wide range of practice areas with a professional and open approach to client service. My focus is on commercial law, administrative law and coronial inquests.

Previously, as Counsel Assisting the Coroner, I spend my days bringing an analytical mind to situations as varied as plane crashes and drug overdoses, with the intention of bringing closure to families; of attaching significance to the fact that one of our community members is gone; and of looking for ways to protect the community by preventing further tragedy into the future.

As an educator, I work in a law school rapidly developing a name for our skill in providing online education to people whose socio-economic circumstances meant they never dreamed they might have a chance of studying law.

As a military officer, I was able to use my knowledge of the law to help ensure that we, as an Air Force, could protect our community and its interests, and do so in a way that was consistent with justice.

Even before that, I found myself in an institution - our national Parliament - dedicated to the concept of democracy, and the concept that laws should be made for the benefit of the community. As Director, Research I occupied a nonpartisan position providing support and service to Senators from all political parties and political backgrounds.

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Level 27, 239 George St Brisbane Qld 4000

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Practising Certificate

Admission to Practice, 2011