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Abraham Ishkhanian

Principal at Harbourside Legal Services

7 years PQE
North Sydney, NSW, AU


Growing up, I never thought I’d be a lawyer. In the 90s, I started my career in the Automotive Services industry.

I contributed to almost every aspect of the industry from hands-on repair work to senior managerial roles. I managed employees, liaised with clients and reported and managed finances. I accomplished a lot during that time, while also gaining essential communication skills and commercial business knowledge.

It wasn’t until a family tragedy brought me face to face with the legal profession that I realised I wanted to take a different direction in my life.

My comprehensive understanding of the industry allows me, now as a lawyer to assist SME’s effectively and to help countless clients.

With that background I found the entire process to be extremely impersonal, difficult and unsettling. At the time, I found it difficult to grasp the myriad of legal implications expressed in legal jargon and the lawyers were at times condescending and disinterested in helping me to understand the issues and I was very frustrated by the experience. From a personal and professional standpoint, I knew something wasn’t right.

As a lawyer my aim is to apply my communication skills and business operations knowledge to empower our clients to make sensible decisions and provide the support to help them reach their goals in their lives or in their work and business.

To put it simply, I don’t want our clients to feel the same way I did when I sought legal help, before I was a lawyer.

My role in the firm is to focus on both commercial and personal legal areas of law, with a particular interest small to medium business.

Practice Areas

    • Legal structures
    • Client relations
    • Tax
    • Commercial leasing
    • Business contracts
    • Advocacy
    • Company formation
    • Shareholder rights
    • Company liability for offences
    • Trust
    • Trust deed
    • Creating or amending a will
    • Power of Attorney
    • Death intestate
    • Executor duties
    • Probate
    • Wills & estates disputes
    • Commercial/business
    • Individual
    • Debt collection
    • Legal structures
    • Company incorporation
    • Founder and Shareholder Agreements
    • Privacy Policies and Website Terms & Conditions
    • Supplier Contracts & Employees
    • Employees
    • Construction Contracts
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Litigation
    • Forming contracts
    • Breach of contract
    • Consumer contracts
    • Misleading and deceptive conducts
    • Contract entitlement & review
    • Conveyancing
    • Ownership and land rights
    • Caveats and restrictive covenants registrations, removals and review
    • Preparation or Review of a Contract of Sale
    • Purchase and settlement
    • Construction and architect contracts
    • Mortages & Guarantees
    • Residential leases disputes
    • Preparation or Review of Commercial leases
    • Strata titles and schemes
    • Body corporate / owners' corporation
    • Fencing and boundary disputes
    • Neighbour disputes




Suite 5, Level 14, 122 Arthur Street North Sydney

Virtual Practice

Practising Certificate

Admission to Practice, 2009