Schroen & Associates: Australian Family Law



Schroen & Associates is a modern Australian law firm that practices exclusively in Australia Family Law. We work closely with allied professionals to provide comprehensive advice, expertise and representation for clients in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Schroen & Associates provide a professional and personalised experience to assist clients during what is arguably the most difficult time in their life. We are here to ensure that client's receive pragmatic and quality advice to assist in the separation process.

Schroen & Associates provides advice and representation in relation to all Australian legal issues arising from family and relationship breakdown, including: -Property Matters; -Children’s Matters; -De Facto and Same Sex Relationship Issues; -Child Support; -Forum Disputes and other International Family Law Disputes; -Spousal Maintenance; -Divorce; -Financial Agreements; -Intervention Orders and Issues Pertaining to Family Violence; and -Special Medical Procedure Applications for children with Gender Dysphoria and Intersex Children.


40/140 William Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000