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We are unique in the industry

Nexus is not a traditionally structured law firm, but it is not a virtual firm or short-term lawyer placement agency either, and for good reason. Nexus is a law firm, re-engineered and restructured to offer clients a more efficient & effective legal service delivery.

Our unique Open Law practice model, based on heavily customised cloud systems, is specifically designed to join together a collective of senior legal experts under a single, unified practice platform, enabling us to deliver high-end, specialist expertise under a ‘direct access model’, more cost effectively than traditionally structured firms. The system incentivises effective collaboration between experts, which results in better outcomes for clients. Without traditional firm overhead, we are able to do this in a very flexible and costs effective way for clients.

Innovation brings value

As recognised innovators in the legal industry, we are structured to deliver value to both clients and lawyers in our system. Our unique structure is designed to bring clients top-tier legal skill at significantly lower cost than the top-tier. We are one of the few law firms that are structured this way. We also recognise and build on our traditional firm roots but are passionate about changing the industry for the better we do this with a focus on real value, not merely the perception of it.

We let the outcomes speak for themselves

Nexus has a long list of corporate clients who have formed lasting business relationships with our lawyers, because our lawyers focus on getting to know businesses from the inside out. They offer efficient, personalised solutions grounded in commercial pragmatism.

We are more efficient, more accessible, and more experienced

We offer flexibility, scalability and efficiency in order to meet client needs. We are a firm with a localised, industry specific focus but with a national footprint of senior experts. Our practice system allows us to scale up or scale down, how and when the client needs. Our clients benefit from working with highly experienced, specialist lawyers, without the high overhead cost which this would attract in the traditional model. We offer affordability without sacrificing quality or service.

Our system is geared for flexible fee solutions and alternative engagements in whatever way is best for clients. This includes fixed fee solutions, corporate retainers, in-house team or General Counsel support and even contract placements scale up projects.


Level 54, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Q, 4000



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