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Travelling and bankruptcy

Can you travel overseas after bankruptcy?

Dane Grauf
Director at Grauf O'Brien Lawyers

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Yes, you can with the permission of your trustee. Technically, a trustee is entitled to retain your passport upon their appointment.

You will need to put the trustee on notice of your intention to travel, notifying them on when, where, why, and how much it costs (estimated) and who is paying. You will also need to provide your contact details for duration of the trip. Most private trustee's have a form you can complete to satisfy this. The Offical trust also has a process, with an application fee attached (see the AFSA website). A trustee can object to you travelling, but rarely do. Reasons for objection include previous non-compliance with a bankrupts obligations or outstanding income contributions.

Suggested way forward

Speak with your trustee as soon as possible to learn the process they require for an application to travel.

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