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Safe keeping of will

Where do I store my will? How can I ensure it is found when I die?

Val Antoff
Lawyer at Irdi Legal

In Western Australia you can deposit the will for safekeeping in the WA Will Bank for free.

For more information click here.

To download a deposit form click here.

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Nicholas stewart   law advisor
Nicholas Stewart

We store Wills for clients in our fire-proof save in perpetuity for a low upfront and one-off fee of $50.00

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Chris Wall
Solicitor/Director at Walker Gibbs and King P/L

There are all sorts of options.

The worst one is to keep ityourself...if it cannot be found after your death, but there is a copy (for example with your solicitor), there may be a presumption that the original was revoked by you.

The best option is usually to have the original kept in a safe place...with your solicitor, in a safe custody box with your bank etc and to have a copy with your personal papers, with a note on it...for example "original kept at Walker Gibbs and King ". We keep wills in our safe, free of charge, and we stamp your copy in that way. If we lost your will (we won't), then a copy could be used, as the original was not in your custody when it went missing...the presumption does not apply.

You can register your will,if you want to make sure of it, but putting a copy marked as above will usually be enough. You might tell the executorwhere the will is.

What you should ask or tell executors and beneficiaries about the will depends on a whole heap of things...an experienced solicitor will know of the various problems that can arise. Take their advice.

Take advice as part of making or amending your will.

Chris Wall

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Val Antoff
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