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rear ended a driver

I rear ending another car in traffic. What do I need from the driver to make sure I'm safe if they offer to go through their insurance if i give them money to cover their excess. 

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Hi there. Most drivers have car insurance, which covers them for any damage caused to their vehicle in a road accident, regardless of who was at fault. If an accident occurs and the vehicle owner needs to make a claim on their insurance policy, they will ordinarily have to pay an excess. This is a fee paid in the event of a claim and will vary from driver to driver, depending on the terms of their insurance policy. Sometimes a party involved in an accident will offer to pay the excess under the other driver’s insurance policy.

If you have been in a road accident with another vehicle, you should exchange personal details with the other driver (name, contact details, vehicle registration and insurance details). The law does not require you to obtain any special information from the other driver or follow any special process. Any agreement you reach with the other driver is between you both. To avoid the risk of a dispute in the future, you may want to consider putting any agreement you reach with the other driver in writing (such as your offer to pay their excess).

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