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Neighbour harassment and stalking

We have a peace and good behaviour order against our neighbours, but they consistently violate it. The local police have frankly told us that the people have lived there for a long time and aren't going to change, so we need to just ignore them. What is the next option we have to make sure that they leave us alone? I have thought of a civil suit but we don't have the funds....

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If your neighbours have breached the conditions of the Peace and Good Behaviour Order there will be serious consequences for them. These consequences are enforceable by the Magistrates Court. If your neighbours are actively breaching the order, you have the right to call the police for assistance. The police may choose to arrest the offenders, depending on the type of activity they are engaging in at the time. The penalty for a breach is a fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for one year under the Peace and Good Behaviour Act 1982 (QLD). If the police will not assist you in the matter you also have the option of bringing a private prosecution against your neighbours. For this however you will need proof that they have breached the order. This is not an expensive process (it is a different process to suing someone in the civil system) but it can be complex and involved.

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Because this type of action can be complicated, we recommend that you consider contacting a lawyer with expertise in this area. You can do this by “posting a job” through LawAdvisor. This function will enable you to find a lawyer in your area with the expertise you need.

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