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Fixed Price Grant of Representation with a Will in Western Australia

Cost: $990 Fixed incl. GST

The “Fixed Price Grant of Representation with a Will” package is only appropriate for simple estates and if there is not a family provision application by unsatisfied beneficiaries. The fixed price is based on the assumption that the executor knows what are the assets and liabilities of the estate and there isn't a dispute about the validity of the Will. The package does not include administration of the estate.

Items Included:


  • Up to one hour of initial consultation by Skype or at our office, taking instructions from the executor
  • Preparing application documents
  • Preparing renunciation, if required, for any executor
  • Signing and witnessing documents
  • Filing the application at the probate office ($304 application fee included in the price)
  • Responding to any requisitions raised by the Supreme Court relating to the application
  • Notifying the executor when the Grant of Probate has been made and forwarding to executor the original Grant of Probate or certified copies if required
  • Advertising for creditors in the West Australian and the Gazette
  • Up to 3 hours attendance by phone, email, Skype or at office with the executor obtaining additional information and giving advice if required


  • More than 3 meetings with executor to finalise estate
  • Travel
  • Translation of documents
  • Searching for the assets and liabilities of the estate
  • Advice on issues other than those matters specifically scoped
  • If the Will is disputed and advice and litigation required to be undertaken
  • Dealing with overseas property and beneficiaries
  • Ordering a death certificate. Client must provide the original death certificate or client will be required to pay for issue of a lost death certificate
  • Fees for preparation of tax returns
  • Fees for preparing applications for transfer of real property
  • Fees for advertising in the West Australian and the Gazette
  • Payment of any government, court or other external fees

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