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Derek Lam published an article
over 8 years ago

New Protection for Off-the-plan Purchasers Against Unjust Cancellat...

Purchasers of off-the-plan residential properties will most probably have come across the term 'sunset clause' in their contracts for sale. What is actually a 'sunset clause'? A sunset clause is a common provision contained in a contract for sale of off-the-plan property by which either the ...
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Terry Dehghani published an article
almost 8 years ago

Buying off-the-plan

Basically, purchasing off-the-plan means you are buying a property that has not yet been built. The development can take a few years from the signing of the contract, which usually provides an estimated completion date. I get plenty of first home owners utilising this method of purchasing their f...
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Nicole Armitage published an article
over 8 years ago


RISKS IN BUYING OFF THE PLAN Recent media attention has been given to some risks in buying off the plan such as when a buyer purchases an off the plan unit and at the end of waiting patiently for years for his home, the developer withdraws from the contract.  Although the buyer is disappoi...