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Social Media - Maximising Consumer Engagement without breaching the law

Did you miss our recent Melbourne and Sydney seminar "Social Media: How to Maximise Consumer Engagement without Breaching the Law"?
Do you want to watch any part of it again to refresh your memory?
Or do you want your marketers, agency or legal team to see the seminar?

Well it's your lucky day! We filmed the Melbourne session and it is now available with the slides embedded for your viewing pleasure.

Brands and Social Media

David Smith (Partner) and Kerry Awerbuch (Senior Associate) of Gadens provide guidance around “Brands & Social Media” including providing general principles which apply to a company’s use of social media, working through a case study of the fictional Hungry Bloke restaurant chain and providing some tips on ways to interact with your followers on social media.  Kerry also talks about “imposter posts” on social media and what brands can do to protect themselves.  With special guest comments from James Fitzgerald (Social Media Knowledge).

Competitions and Innovative Uses of Social Media
Allison Rickard (Law Clerk) of Gadens discusses some common tricks and traps of running competitions on social media.  David Smith (Partner) of Gadens also discusses the legal implications of some of the more innovative uses of social media, including re-gramming, using influencers and targeted advertising.  With special guest comments from James Fitzgerald (Social Media Knowledge).

- See more at: https://gadenscontent/News/Pages/Social-Media---Maximising-Consumer-Engagement-without-breaching-the-law.aspx#sthash.Do9EkL9v.dpuf

- See more at: https://gadenscontent/News/Pages/Social-Media---Maximising-Consumer-Engagement-without-breaching-the-law.aspx#sthash.Do9EkL9v.dpuf

SMK and the Social Media Landscape
James Fitzgerald (Executive Director of Programming, Social Media Knowledge) discusses the trends of social media use by Australian consumers, and why companies should be investing knowledge, time and money in this space.  James provides examples of companies that are doing things well on social media, and also advises on where companies should be focussing their social media resources.

Managing Social Media Risks
David Smith (Partner, Gadens) summarises our top ten tips for marketers and legal counsel in managing their companies’ social media risks.

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