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Though one should try the level best to save a relationship from breaking down, it doesn’t happen sometimes. In the unfortunate eventuality of a husband and wife getting separated, amicable steps should be taken to minimize the negative impact on the kids. It is quite disheartening and disappointing experience for them. The kids become quite sensitive, and therefore, the decision regarding support payment and child custody should be taken sensibly.

As per norms, both parents retain equal parental responsibility, and they are supposed to consult with each other while taking long-term decisions about healthcare, religion, and education. Only a seasoned child support and custody lawyer Adelaide can decide what the best possible solution is for you. Lawyers define an agreement between the parents and work out a parenting plan or consent order.  Each word of it is decided after having detailed discussions.

Whydo you need a knowledgeable child support and custody lawyer?

Court considers arguments made by a child support and custody lawyer to formulate a suitable order. Following objectives are kept in mind for it:

  • ·        The need to protect the kids from violence
  • ·        The right of a child to spend time with both parents
  • ·        The right of a child to communicate with both parents

If no considerations can be made about child custody or other arrangements, then lawyers put their best efforts in deriving a mutually agreed solution.

In the event of not arriving at consensus, the court issues orders:

  • ·        Custody of the child
  • ·        Possession of the child
  • ·        Logistics of how it will be done
  • ·        About the important decisions

The court is more concerned about the ‘parental responsibility’ which is about the long-term issues concerning a child or children. School, medical issues, and safety are considered other important issues. The court will also decide about the relocation of the kids.  When a seasoned lawyers Adelaide is hired, you can expect that the best decision is taken about the financial support, separation and other issues. Compensation payable to the kids will be based on various factors like the income of each parent, age of the children, the number of nights that kids are supposed to spend with the parents, etc. Highly experienced lawyers not only provide legal advice but also help in taking good decisions that give the right direction to the future of your kids.

Each line of the agreement is drafted carefully after talking to the parents and other legal advisors. An experienced lawyer in child custody helps in getting the custody arrangement which is in the best interest of your child.

Hire a child custody lawyer to negotiate custody by agreement or in court. It is always good that parents reach an agreement so that there is no need of defining each term and condition in the agreement.

It is always better to find out an amicable solution to the problem. It saves time and efforts of the lawyer. Also, it assures a better future for the kids who are in a difficult state of mind.  For more information visit ORB Lawyers Adelaide