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Why you need a Power of Attorney and/or Advance Health Directive

Most people are aware of the need to have valid will executed so that their final wishes are respected.  What most people are not aware of, is the importance of a Power of Attorney and Advance Health Directive.  GLR Law considers a Power of Attorney and Advance Health Directive even more important than a will.

A Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to appoint a trusted person (i.e friend, family, spouse etc) to make health and/or financial decisions under certain circumstances (i.e you can choose whether it is applies immediately or if you lose capacity for example).  The importance of a Power of Attorney lies in the fact that if you are a young person and, through unfortunate circumstances lose capacity, the Power of Attorney (if executed properly) will give your chosen "trusted person" control over health decisions (i.e turning off life support) and financial decisions (i.e if you can no longer make financial decisions in your own right).

An Advance Health Directive is a document in which detailed instructions are provided for what your wishes are in relation to a range of health issues.  This document can direct that you do not want to be resuscitated, for example, if you go into cardiac arrest.  Both a lawyer and doctor are involved in the execution of this document.

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