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The Steps to Take If Your Property Insurance Claim Was Denied

If your property insurance claim gets denied, don’t panic. You have every right to dispute the denial of coverage if you’ve been wronged. By taking these steps, you will surely get the coverage you need for the damage that has been done to your house.

Know what coverage you bought

Not everything is the way it seems. The experts at Skaug Law state that sometimes the only reason why claim payment disagreements occur is because of the confusion about what is covered by your homeowner's insurance. So, what you need to do in order to be sure about it is to review your homeowner's insurance policy carefully and see whether you're covered for the damage in dispute. Also, be sure to check the monetary amount on your coverage. It can be quite useful to know what you’re entitled to under your policy. It will further back up your argument in case you really are in the right. 

Review your claim

If you're not sure about why the settlement was lower than you expected, make sure to ask your insurer for clarification. Also, if the policy cites exclusion or other specific languages, don't forget to ask it to point out that specific section in question. Ensure that everything your insurer or claims adjuster tells you is properly documented. It is recommended that you keep a log of dates, who you spoke with and everything that was said during the conversation. And if you got that piece of information over the phone, send an email asking for confirmation of what you heard.

When your insurer's position is cleared, start preparing the documents that will help you prove your case. For example, if you think that the process of repairing your house will cost more than what your insurance company predicts, make sure to get a written estimate from an independent contractor. Make sure that everything is covered and that you have some sort of written evidence of everything that could potentially help your case. 

Appeal your denial or settlement politely