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How to Raise Awareness of Your Legal Practice

The world is getting more competitive every day, and it’s no different for the legal industry where educated, successful lawyers need to compete for the attention and, more importantly, trust of their clientele with equally savvy opponents. Once upon a time, perhaps it was more than enough to let your first clients refer you to their friends, family, and business associates and your legal firm would flourish. The same cannot be said for the modern legal expert, whose reputation resides in the hands not only of their existing clients, but of the digital world, as well.

It takes time, patience, as well as skill and funds to market your legal brand successfully. You need to be a likable, yet professional entity that businesses as well as individuals can relate to. Add competition into the mix, and the struggle to retain your standing in the community becomes all the more complex. Here are a few tips to help you market your legal practice more effectively over time and refine your strategy to make sure that your reputation is safe.

Build yourself into a brand

Your business can only succeed if you build your reputation around your brand. And no, your brand is not just that visual representation in the shape of a logo, and it’s not your powerful tagline that’s first to pop up on your website. Your brand is your reputation and the existing relationships you have with your clients. Expanding your client base as a legal expert means you should use your client satisfaction as the foundation of your brand image – because that is ultimately what you want your clients to get from your relationship.

As you begin looking into what makes your legal brand so unique, look for those authentic traits that can let your brand stand out. If you yourself cannot pinpoint the essence of your uniqueness, you cannot expect your potential clients to do so for you. 

The devil in the detail

You’re the one tailoring your own presentation, online as well as offline, so it’s vital to understand all of those little moving parts that can make or break that very first impression. Whether it’s a networking event, a conference, or a meeting with a potential client, everything from your tie to your business card can let them know if you’re a person they should trust with their legal issues. 

While you’re in the early stages of setting up your practice, find reputable business card printing services in your area so that you can stock up whenever you need. That’s one of those key moments when you’re introducing yourself to someone, and providing them with a branded, memorable business card can help you seal the deal down the road, establish partnerships, or spread awareness of your practice through other people in your community. 

Social media to the rescue

Who knew that social platforms are a good choice for legal experts? Well, with news portals and relevant magazines at your disposal, you can share your expert opinions and start important discussions thanks to many ongoing legal battles, conundrums, or even bizarre cases. Your take on those can be helpful to shed some light on how you think and act as a legal expert. Then again, it can inspire your followers to share their worries, which can be a great way to strike up a chat over messaging apps and offer your services when appropriate. 

You can also promote the events in your community where you’ll be a keynote speaker, or the ones you’ll sponsor. You can organize social media polls to get a better understanding of your followers’ opinions, and use engaging content to make your brand known in wider communities. Share articles where your success is presented, and you’ll also get a chance to boost your reputation. 

Above all, be human

It’s true that your Ivy League education, your decade-long practice, and your impressive list of references speak volumes of your success. However, legal issues are in their core very human, and if you’re looking to connect with individuals in your community, you cannot expect to do so only by using flashy ads on social media and billboards, or by posting content that is completely devoid of any real, relatable, human touch. 

Since your purpose is to help people get what they want and/or deserve in your capacity as their legal representation, there is so much you can do to project an image of a person who is not just well-educated and trustworthy, but also delightfully human. Share stories from your office, how you celebrate employee anniversaries and client victories, inspire people to volunteer together with you, work with charities, and the like. Step outside of the legalities in order to make your business more appealing to your potential clientele. 

Track your progress and adapt 

No legal practice is perfect, and the same can be said for their presence in the market. There must be a myriad of opportunities for improvements, and it’s up to you to find them, recognize them, and use them to propel your brand to the very top. When it comes to your digital presence, it’s relatively easy to monitor and make adjustments with the help or various analytics tools

However, what you do with the data you collect will ultimately define whether or not you’ve successfully expanded your reach. Measure the effectiveness of every strategy you launch, so that you can raise awareness of your legal practice over time and not repeat the same mistakes and flawed tactics. 

As a part of a very specific industry, your legal practice cannot reach international fame with a single sponsored post on social networks or a well-written infographic. It takes time and dedication to refine your presence online as well as offline, and you should use them both in order to raise awareness of your legal practice. That is the only way you will be able to help those who will benefit from your skills the most, and the only way to allow your brand to soar.