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How to Promote Your Legal Practice Offline

Nowadays, everyone is hell-bent on having a digital marketing campaign. After all, the online world provides numerous opportunities for business growth that you can capitalize on with the right marketing strategy. But, does that mean traditional marketing has become obsolete? As a matter of fact, it's quite the opposite. Traditional marketing is still as effective as it ever was.

The only difference is that it's no longer saturated as it was before the Internet came along. This presents a great marketing opportunity, especially for businesses that operate in traditional industries, such as legal practices and law firms. When referring to traditional in a sense, it means that you don't really have to rely on the digital world to get your message out there and to the right people.

Everyone knows what lawyers do and when you'll be needing one so there's no real need to explain your services in detail to the consumers. However, the key is in sending the right message so that people will come to you when in need, which is what traditional marketing can really help you out with. That being said, here are a few ways to promote your legal practice offline.

Direct mail

Nowadays, direct mail has become quite neglected by marketers. Instead, they focus on email campaigns. However, this activity has lead to oversaturation of email inboxes, much like any other digital marketing method, while direct mail remains rarely used. The fact of the matter is that consumers these days straight up discard 80% of their emails while they tend to hang on to 80% of the direct mail they receive.

That being said, direct mail can still prove to be quite an effective promotion for your legal practice. You can even go as far as to add a handwritten letter in your direct mail promotion. That way, you'll not only improve the awareness for your legal practice but also encourage potential clients to seek out your services when they have a need to do so.


Out-of-home or simply outdoor advertisements are still a powerful offline promotion method. Billboards, in particular, are quite effective at displaying your message out there for 24/7 and for as long as you like. In addition, they are much cheaper than TV ads. As a matter of fact, billboards are 80% cheaper than TV advertisements, which is a considerable consideration for your traditional marketing budget.

What's more, 96% of people are likely to come across a billboard on their way home from work. That's a lot of exposure for an offline promotion. With a compelling enough message, your billboard promotion can easily improve the number of clients coming through your door.

Networking events

Networking events are still very important in the business world, in general, even though people are mostly online these days. You can establish your authority and promote your law practice on networking events. As an example, appearing as a public speaker on a networking event where you'll address the common pain points your clients may oftentimes have, as well as provide solutions to these problems will certainly get you noticed.

Not only that, but people will see you as a professional and as an authority figure who knows what they're talking about. People are more likely to trust lawyers and procure their services once they've heard directly from them.

Promotional materials

Promotional materials are one of the most effective offline promotion methods even today. The fact of the matter is that even online brands tend to invest heavily in branded merchandise. As an example, businesses in the U.S. tend to spend over $20 billion annually on promotional materials alone.

Your legal practice stands to gain in both awareness and client acquisition by simply handing out meaningful promotional products, such as pens, T-shirts, coffee mugs, flash drives and so on. You can hand out such items at networking events, gatherings, community events, charities etc. That way, you'll be able to generate attention and engagement for your law practice, as well as boost awareness and visibility for your company.

Encourage referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is quite beneficial in both the online and offline worlds. People are more likely to trust referrals from other consumers than they're to believe an ad. With that in mind, you should encourage existing clients to give referrals to their friends, family and other acquaintances.

Of course, you can achieve that by providing an exceptional service but that's not the only way to boost referrals. As an example, you can reach out to your clients and ask them about how their cases are progressing or if they need any additional counsel. What's more, you can give out some free legal advice to anyone who refers your legal practice. In any event, if you maintain a good reputation as a reliable law practice, you may easily encourage clients to promote your firm for you.

Traditional marketing is still quite powerful. Just because the online world is dominant, it doesn't mean that everyone everywhere is online all the time. Traditional marketing methods are no longer oversaturated, which means they can be an excellent opportunity to get your message out there without the fear of it getting lost in the noise.