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The Future of Legal Work

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Revolutionising legal service delivery

LawAdvisor Corporate is championing smarter ways of working for in-house legal teams and their panel firms. Backed & developed by Silicon Valley masterminds, in collaboration with qualified lawyers, we have created interactive tools for internal & external collaboration, procurement, project management, workload optimisation, and progress and budget tracking to help teams achieve operational excellence.

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Panel Firm Management

Banish those spreadsheets. Use our beautiful data visualisation software instead.

Beautifully store and manage the details of your panel firm arrangements via our platform. We've made it easy to update the details of your panel firms and ensure that procurement and selection decisions are based on the most accurate information. Access and compare each firm's rate cards, value accounts, secondee commitments and other value offerings. Record and evaluate every experience, however remarkable, through tailored criteria and begin developing a clearer picture of the unique strengths of each of your panel firms in order to inform subsequent engagements.

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Smarter Procurement

Automate the decision making process in order to get it right. Every time.

LawAdvisor Corporate is pioneering a remarkably intuitive and user friendly way for in-house legal teams to explore, identify and invite panel firms to their most simple or complex legal matters. Using our advanced technology to capture the most important information and develop algorithms around this data, you can be more confident than ever that you have selected the right legal team for the job, this time and every other time. Automate the process, reduce delays and enforce quality from the outset.

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Work on any device. Anytime, anywhere.

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android, it’s likely that you keep it close by throughout the day, especially when you’re out and about. It’s important to keep updated, and if you want to continue working out of the office, you should be able to. We think so too. We want you to see for yourself how easy it can be to work seamlessly across devices, no matter what time it is or where you are.

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Transparent Matter & Costs Management

Revolutionising how you track outsourced legal work to your panel firms.

Tracking the progress of a matter through to closure is important, and with the tools and knowledge of LawAdvisor Corporate this can now be effortlessly achieved. Forget the spreadsheets, the calculators and the (not so) fun guessing games, and begin managing progress, budget and team performance in a more intuitive and predictive way. Honour milestone deadlines, enforce budget controls and approve or reject changes in an instant.

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Team Communication and Collaboration for the 21st Century

Communicate and work with your team members and panel firms in a more simple yet productive fashion. Direct personal messages to specific members, or open up your discussions to a wider forum for greater collaboration. We all communicate differently, but what’s important is that it is effective. We provide a system where there is no room for misunderstanding, say what you want and continue moving towards your desired outcome.

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"Tailored to help companies better visualise their spread of legal work, including a change log process to soften bill shock."

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